Popular sports equipment for schools and kindergartens

Popular sports equipment for schools and kindergartens

Childhood and physical activity are inseparable concepts, because children have more than enough energy, they are constantly running somewhere, jumping, dancing, playing. Of course, just running and jumping quickly gets boring, and the child begins to wail that he is bored, because energy needs to be directed somewhere. This is exactly what sports equipment was created for – outdoor games, interesting exercises, competitions with peers make sports and play one whole, providing two needs at once – in movement and in entertainment. In our catalog you will find everything you need to make games bring real benefits to your child, making him more agile, flexible, strong and healthy!

Volleyball is a game for children of any age

Children are just looking forward to when the physical education teacher will allow them to play volleyball instead of boring exercises, because this is excitement, competition, and movement! And in summer, not only children, but also adults will not refuse to play volleyball on the beach or on the playground near the house. At the same time, you don’t need much to play – just a ball and a volleyball net with racks.

The optimal solution is a universal rack, as it allows you to install the grid at different levels for both children and adults. Installation of such racks is possible both outdoors and indoors, they are securely fastened and take up a minimum of space, allowing you to quickly pull the net and prepare for the game.

Football is the favorite game of all yards

Children of all ages love football, moreover, not to watch like adults, but to actively participate and compete with their peers. As for volleyball, football does not need expensive equipment, complex structures and other expensive accessories. Enough goal and ball, divide into teams – and the game begins!

We offer a wide range of football goals! Here you will find small soccer gates for children 2×3 meters for premises and playgrounds, full-size gates 5×2 and 7,32×2,44 meters. There are both models for stationary installation and portable structures that can be stored in the utility room and exposed only for the duration of the game. All gates are made of durable metal with high welding quality and painted with resistant and durable polymers.