Group or individual: which workouts are more effective?

Group or individual: which workouts are more effective?

Thinking about going to the fitness room, a person will have to choose not only a sports hobby, but also a training format.

Advantages of individual lessons with a trainer

For those who have never played sports, help in the gym is useful, especially when working on simulators. A personal instructor controls the process and technique of performing exercises, selects a program, and even gives recommendations on nutrition.

Advantages of personal classes:

low chance of injury — the instructor monitors how you perform approaches;

high motivation — the coach supports, encourages and does not let you relax;

personal schedule — you come to the gym in your free time and when it’s convenient for you;

an individual plan — program is drawn up taking into account the peculiarities of health and the required results.

Individual classes in the gym are an opportunity to achieve the desired shape in a shorter period of time. The number of approaches and time to rest are calculated in detail, so every minute of your time passes with benefits for the body. With experience and practice, it is permissible to move on to independent training.

It would not be superfluous to clarify the qualifications of the mentor, his education and achievements: the specialist may be incompetent, unable to help with your problem. A competent and experienced instructor is the key to a good result. If it is not comfortable to work or communicate with a coach, you can always refuse his services.

Benefits of group fitness training

Group classes at the fitness club are suitable for those who want to study in pleasant company and do not want to be supervised by a strict mentor. Trainings take place in large and spacious halls. If a mini-group is recruited, then the place can be picked up a little less in area.

Although Pilates, yoga and even zumba can be practiced at home, dancing or stretching with like-minded people is much more interesting and effective. The choice of destinations in the Premier Sport club is extensive:

strength and aerobic classes;

functional training;

dynamic dancing;

calm training of the body and mind.

Everyone is allowed to attend group trainings, regardless of sports training: all types of activity imply a moderate load.

You are completely immersed in the process, focused and nothing distracts you, so an hour of classes flies by unnoticed. Motivation also does not fade: you do not want to lag behind other athletes, you strive to become better and are energized. New people quickly join the ever-changing team.

But the coach is physically unable to pay close attention to each participant, especially in a large group. And you also need to adjust to the general schedule, you may have to skip your favorite trainings if they go at an inconvenient time for you.