Winter is a great time for sports together with Alfasport

Winter is a great time for sports together with Alfasport

The coming cold weather and imminent snowfalls are not at all a reason to give up sports and activity. On the contrary, it’s time to move more, breathe fresh clean air and enjoy the time before your favorite holidays! Today we will tell you about what products we can offer for winter time to spend it with benefit and pleasure!

Simulator for preparing skiers for the winter season

Skiing is one of the favorite national sports, both children and elderly people go skiing, they are loved by both lovers of outdoor activities and professionals. Of course, you need to prepare for long ski crossings and competitions long before the onset of winter, so a ski simulator is a profitable purchase that will definitely attract a lot of athletes!

The simulator is designed to develop endurance and strength and is suitable for training at any time of the year – you can start preparing for winter in the summer, as well as practice during those periods of winter when there is not enough snow or the weather is too warm. It can also be customized for each user using the weighting mechanism.