What if the child doesn’t like the section

What if the child doesn’t like the section

What should I do if the child returned disappointed after the first lesson and flatly refuses further education? To begin with, you should think about whether the choice of the sports section was due to any unsatisfied ambitions. Maybe parents have always wanted to do gymnastics, but something else is closer to the child? It can be quite difficult to admit this to yourself. Practice shows that parents often try to realize themselves in the child. Dad, who dreamed of being a hockey player, but due to circumstances did not become one, gives the child to the hockey section, and the baby’s soul lies, say, to music, drawing or something else.

If the parents are unambitious, then it is worth talking to the child. Maybe his refusal to attend classes is simply due to a bad reception. Perhaps he feels uncomfortable among the students or he does not like the coach. Or maybe he likes to do exercises in the morning much more, and in the evening ride a bike in the yard, play badminton or ball, go to the ice rink with the whole family in winter or go skiing out of town? When choosing useful activities for a child, it is necessary to focus on his personal desires. Often, only joint efforts can make the right choice, and then the child will grow up to be a healthy, intelligent and morally stable person.

About individual character traits

When choosing a sports section, it is extremely important to take into account the temperament of the child. Quite often, children tend to give up sports, including in order to direct the energy of the child into an organized channel. The desire is quite justified, however, do not forget this: impulsive, emotional children find it extremely difficult to adapt to individual sports – those where patience, thoughtfulness, diligence in repetitions of numerous monotonous exercises are required. These include tennis, gymnastics, and figure skating. Of course, a qualified coach is able to partially correct the situation and help his student realize his aspirations in maintaining and strengthening the figure. But in general, the prospects of small extroverts can be very vague.

Team games are another matter. Therefore, mentality is a factor that cannot be ignored. Well, since the child’s psyche has such a fateful significance, we should not forget that the parent’s task is to find a mentor for a little athlete who will tactfully approach his business.

Let’s summarize the results. Choosing a sports school or a section for your child, you need to remember that the most important task is to give him pleasure with future classes, to stimulate his desire to go hand in hand with sports all his life, and not just load him with some kind of duty. Choosing a section, two factors should also be taken into account – the personal qualities of the baby and the distance of the potential training place from home. There is no need to dramatize the situation for trifles and to inspire a child from a young age that he is too weak and painful for sports. Well, when the choice is made, it is necessary to look for a more qualified coach who will be attentive to each specific trainee.