Rubber coating: safety first

Rubber coating: safety first

Children play, run, jump and, of course, often fall – this is normal, so they gradually learn dexterity, study the capabilities of the body and develop coordination through trial and error. The main thing is that such falls do not go beyond the usual scratches and abrasions, which are natural in active childhood.

To make it safe to fall while running or from the horizontal bars, we offer a special rubber coating – it is dense and durable, but at the same time there are no solid particles on its surface that can seriously damage the skin. In addition, the coating is thick enough to absorb shocks and falls well – even if a child falls from a slide or horizontal bar, the risk of injury is significantly lower.

The special structure prevents sliding even in rainy weather, which is especially important for outdoor games. Such coatings do not have seams that you can stumble over, and are well suited for ball games – it bounces off the material no worse than asphalt. In addition, the rubber sports coating is very durable and it has a large selection of shades for every taste!

Games and sports with a children’s play complex

Game complexes are a real joy for children, because there you can come up with hundreds of interesting and active games to take a break from the learning process and enjoy the good weather! With the help of such a complex, the irrepressible energy of children can be directed in the right direction – so that they play under supervision and at the same time develop physically, socialize, make new friends and learn to play in a team!

The game complex can include many options:

Bright wooden decorations that create the atmosphere of a fairy tale and a holiday;

Slides and swings;

Stairs and horizontal bars;

Rope structures;

Climbing stands;



Rings and football gates;

Gazebos and canopies;

And a lot of other entertainment!

Only safe modern materials are used for the manufacture of complexes: plastic, natural wood and metal. Such a playground in kindergarten or school will become a favorite place for children’s games!