Choosing a sports section for a child How to choose a sports section for children? It seems to be not the most difficult question. Adults who think where to send their children to play sports often decide it based on their own taste and their unrealized desires. However, parents should be aware that they choose the section for the child, which means, first of all, they should focus on his abilities and capabilities.

The most important thing is not to rush. Firstly, it is still almost impossible to identify a predisposition to a particular sport in kids. Secondly, it is easy to count coaches who are capable of working with children. Of other sports at this age, only wushu, Aikido and alpine skiing are available. But it should be borne in mind that all such sections are commercial, there are also few of them, and they are likely to be located far from your home.

The territorial location of the sports school should be considered first. Long distances are tedious. And practice shows that the first to get tired of long-distance trips to training are not children, but adults. It is on the part of adults that absenteeism is provoked, and in the future – refusal of classes. The very fact of stopping training is not the worst thing. Another thing is that in justification of this fact, parents and grandmothers often put forward such arguments that the child’s subconscious is postponed, that sport is not the most important thing and you can live without it. Of course, you can live. However, it is after these cases that the desire to do anything at all usually disappears, and then the young man chooses the usual path for himself “school – computer – street”.

Therefore, it should be remembered – you need to spend no more than 40-50 minutes on a trip to the sports section. If it turns out more, you need to find another place, closer. Otherwise, a good desire for physical culture will bring elementary harm. After all, along with sports, school homework remains in life, and their performance, looking at night, is not the most rosy prospect.

There is an uncomplicated, but effective method of choosing the territory on which the sports section should be located. This is the so-called compass method. You need to take a map of the city, find your house and put a compass needle in this place, then – outline a circle of a small radius – so that the distance covered within an hour fits inside it – taking into account traffic jams, waiting for the bus and transfers to the subway. In this circle, you need to look for a place to play sports. By the way, it happens that a young man learns the basics of sportsmanship from far away – despite the fact that an excellent sports palace, where the same sport is developed, is located two streets away.

Individual features

If a child is in poor health, it means that sport is not for him. In this case, sport is perceived as a source of loads that endanger an already vulnerable organism. The reasons for this position are a bad cardiogram, for example, respiratory diseases, frequent injuries. But not everything is so clear. The only serious reason to exclude sports from everyday life is disability. Everything else is a signal to look for a sport suitable for a particular child. For example, problems with blood pressure and blood vessels are an excuse to stay away from martial arts, but a chance to do volleyball or downhill skiing. Bronchial asthma implies the rejection of running loads, but it allows water sports, various types of wrestling and motorsport. It is important to understand here that adults should know the measure in their caution. All the famous champions-record holders are by no means heroes from birth, but, on the contrary, most of them are people who have overcome childhood ailments and in some way violated the recommendations of doctors.