BELLY DANCE and its benefits for a woman’s health

BELLY DANCE and its benefits for a woman’s health

Dance comes from the East, which strengthens muscles, has a beneficial effect on internal organs, increases self—confidence and sexuality – this is Belly dance. An exotic and popular trend in the fitness industry, which has no age restrictions: little girls, young girls and adult women are engaged in it.

How is it useful?

Bellidance is boldly called cardio training: the heartbeat increases, and women expend a large number of calories. In combination with proper nutrition, regular classes and other aerobic or strength training, those who dream of losing weight can carry out their plans.

Classic body movements involve the whole body: legs, hips, stomach, shoulders, arms. A tangible load gives the effect of aerobic training.

The health benefits of belly dancing are enormous:

intestinal functions improve;

blood circulation increases, including in the pelvic organs;

the muscles of the back and chest, shoulder girdle are strengthened.

Headaches, congestion, insomnia — Belly dance helps to solve many physical problems.

The same applies to the emotional aspect: women begin to feel more confident about their bodies and express themselves in Arabic dance. To get rid of complexes, to discharge emotionally, to change the attitude to life — representatives of the fair sex come to training with different goals.

How are classes going?

Additional inventory is not needed, but you can do it at home. But training in groups gives an additional charge of cheerfulness, good mood and the opportunity to communicate with other dancers.

Women are engaged in belly-opening tops and comfortable leggings. Sometimes they wear a belt. As shoes – ballet flats or Czechs.

Like any workout, the sequence of exercises is built from simple to complex:

  1. Warm—up – muscles warm up and stretch, the body prepares for loads.
  2. The main part — the coach shows the movements and gives the bundles.
  3. Completion — muscles relax, breathing returns to normal.

Coaches usually include rhythmic and modern dance tunes. Girls learn to perform eights or circular movements with their hips, as well as exercises: “rocking chair”, “pendulum”, “wave”. And those muscles that are not involved need to be relaxed — as practice progresses, it becomes easier and easier to cope with this.

Suitable for whom?

Training is prohibited for those who have serious problems with the musculoskeletal system, tumors, inflammatory processes and difficult pregnancies. And if there are doubts about the state of health, you need to contact the clinic.

Belly dancing during pregnancy is dangerous, starting from the second trimester. It is better to replace it with special yoga for pregnant women or light stretching.

With time constraints — SARS, flu, bronchitis, painful menstruation — a woman should recover, and then return to training.

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